International Iconic Awards

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IIA Awards 2019 will be held on 2nd December 2019 Mumbai
International Iconic Awards
CEO Message
International Iconic AwardsAfter the past 3 years successfully awards now we have moved to 2018 were in India we are the first organizors to gathers equally celebraties & corporates across globe. , IIA has worked closely with community partners and industry leaders to produce Best renowned awards within the running industry, being a globally construction and Management Company. As an CEO of gold tower group , I aspire to bring to fruition the organization of a congress, meeting, event or convention in a professional manner. Such a professional manner will include timeliness, efficiency, financial responsibility and good management.

As a globally integrated company, we help companies, communities and associations to grow and develop, and we work with global, regional and national companies to help them meet key business objectives by leveraging our global experience and offering local solutions. Our approach to Full Service Management is unique because we customize our service arrangement and agreement to meet organization’s specific needs.

Our mission is to connect people, places, data and ideas through meetings, events and interactive media. , We, at IIA AND GOLD TOWER GROUP, are convinced that THE WORDS AND DEEDS statement correctly reflects the universal and honest attitude that we have towards the profession practiced by us. Our belief : “Earn Trust , Confidence and Energy .. Build growth.”
All my best wishes for IIA team to perform successful Awards, all my promises for IIA customers to meet expectations with IIA & GOLD TOWER GROUP performance.

CEO of gold tower group & International iconic awards
What is International Iconic Awards?
International Iconic AwardsInternational Iconic Awards is a global platform sincerely dedicated for bringing the corporate leaders at a common stage where they share their success stories, exchanges ideas, share experiences and discuss everything about business.
is an event organized by Gold Tower Group and Gold Tower Group Foundation to honor leaders from different industries. In this event they will also share their views on Leadership and their success stories. This will be a huge learning experience for all our guests and also the event help to cause of foundation.
VISION of IIA-2018
International Iconic AwardsOur Endeavour, through altrustic engagement, create an ecosystem of empowered communities, to effectively address human potential and watersheds with hope, respect for dignity and concern for equity. An aspiration to have a conglomerate of close to 10000 Corporates under IIA roof and celebrate the diversity of the varied industry segments we work with. Inspire leadership and Excellence in consort with drawing attention to philanthropic subjects.
To endorse an intense intellect of leadership proficiency and practices for the profound enrichment of all-embracing individuals and diversified industries globally.